See What Happens When You Consume Acidic Drinks

Dentists caution their patients against regularly consuming acidic drinks like soda because of the harmful effects on the teeth. Many sodas are filled with sugar, which contributes to tooth decay. ...
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Why Should You Wear a Sports Mouthguard?

In sports, physical fitness and injuries go hand-in-hand. It’s common knowledge that contact sports like football and basketball have a higher risk of serious injuries, like tendon tears and ...
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Learn the History of Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is one of the most sophisticated advances in dental technology available today. Not every dentist offers it, but those who do tend to gain a reputation among their patients for ...
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Some of the Latest Technology Used in Our Cutting-Edge Office

It’s a good sign when your dentist is well versed in the latest technology and techniques, and that is exactly the case at Glenwood Premier Dental. Our trained professionals have some of the ...
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What Happens During a Root Canal?

It’s best not to ignore a pain in your tooth, especially if it’s severe or lasts for a long time. This could be a symptom of a serious oral health condition, so talk to your dentist. Watch ...
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Top Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

You might think that losing a tooth isn’t such a big deal since you have so many more, but a single lost tooth can cause real problems. Your dentist can replace the teeth you lose to fill out ...
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Give Your Smile a Boost with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry continues to become more effective, versatile, and accessible, and it changes more and more lives every day. Crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign are all treatments that ...
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Would You Benefit from Implant-Supported Dentures?

Dentures and dental implants are both viable ways to replace missing teeth and bring your smile back to life, but which one is best for your needs? In some situations, your dentist can use a ...
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Invisalign: Moms Share Their Testimonials

As happy as Invisalign can make the teens that use it, their mothers might be even happier. It’s nice to see your child thrive, and this type of orthodontic treatment can set the stage. Watch ...
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Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common dental health issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. By brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting your dentist, you can crack down on gum disease and ...
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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Even dentists have questions about oral health, so you probably do, too. It helps to know what to do in an emergency situation and how often you should see your dentist, and it’s also good to ...
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Exceeding Your Expectations at Glenwood Premier Dental

Some people are afraid of going to the dentist, and others are perfectly comfortable in the dental chair. No matter how you feel about dental care, the team at Glenwood Premier Dental aims to go above ...
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How Your Dentist Can Seal Out Tooth Decay

Talking to a dentist about tooth decay early on can set you up for success when it comes to your long-term oral health. He or she may recommend dental sealants, which can help you avoid decay. Watch ...
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What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

In the grand scheme of things, laser dentistry is a relatively new style of dentistry. As long as your dentist is trained and experienced in this new form of dental care, then you can stand to have a ...
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Steps to Take When You Have a Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out can be quite the surprise, but the way you handle the situation may influence your oral health going forward. Make sure you handle your lost tooth carefully, store it ...
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What Is Denture Relining?

Dentures are a great way to restore the look and function of missing teeth. Over time, however, patients’ jaw and gum shapes can change and cause dentures to feel loose and uncomfortable. ...
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The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dentists often recommend dental sealants for young children and patients prone to excessive tooth decay. Covering the molars in sealants can help reduce or prevent the development of cavities that ...
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A Patient's Guide to Tongue-Tie Surgery

The condition known as tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia, is very common, and it is a condition that’s present at birth. There are different tongue-tie surgery options to break the band of tissue ...
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A Closer Look at Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant dentistry offers patients with one or more missing teeth the opportunity to restore their smiles and improve their health. Patients may qualify for implant-supported bridges, crowns, or ...
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How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic measure to straighten and correct crooked or gapped teeth. This ingenious system utilizes clear, plastic aligners over the course of a year to change ...
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A Quick Look at Endodontics

Dentists often continue their education to develop certain specialties, such as endodontics. This type of dentistry focuses on root canal treatment to save teeth. Let’s take a quick look at the ...
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What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are necessary to your oral and overall health. When your dentist performs a routine screening during a dental exam, he is performing a necessary part of preventative dental care ...
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Common Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss—whether due to extraction, gum disease, or trauma—often comes with unfortunate side effects, such as bone loss and poor health. Dentists will often recommend implant dentistry ...
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Common Causes of Tooth Avulsion

Most oral health problems aren’t necessarily considered emergencies, but having a tooth knocked out may be a reason to see your emergency dentist. Although this can happen to anyone, some people ...
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What Is Gum Recession?

It’s a good idea to see a dentist or periodontist if you deal with gum recession, but you should also know why the problem came about in the first place. See this video to find out what exactly ...
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