Simple Ways to Care for Your Dentures

Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet If you’ve recently been fitted for dentures, it’s important to talk to your dentist about proper denture care. Proper denture care will maintain the health of your dentures as well as your overall oral health. After you get your dentures, talk to your dentist about these simple ways to care for them.

Perform Daily Denture Cleaning

Your dentures need to be brushed and cleaned daily, just like natural teeth. Unlike natural teeth, you should never use regular toothpaste to brush your dentures. Toothpaste is too abrasive to use in denture care and it can cause scratches on your dentures that can harbor food and bacteria. Use a soft-bristled denture toothbrush with denture cleaner, which may come in a cream, paste, or gel form. Your dentures should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning and also after meals.

Use a Denture Bath Regularly

Once or twice a week, you should clean your dentures in a special denture bath. Denture baths use ultrasonic sound waves to move water over your dentures, dislodging deposits and removing stains. You can use mild soap or dishwashing detergent in the bath or denture tablets that dissolve in water, but never use bleach. Denture baths should be used in addition to and not in place of daily brushing.

Store Dentures Properly When Not in Use

When you’re not wearing your dentures, you must store them safely and properly. To prevent them from drying out when they’re not in your mouth, you should store your dentures in a cup of water, or in a container with denture solution. Dentures should never be washed or stored in hot water. If your dentures have metal fixtures, your dentist can recommend the best method of denture care.

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