Signs of Nerve Damage in Your Teeth

Implant Dentistry Hazlet Nerve damage can occur when the dental pulp inside your tooth is infected or exposed. Your teeth are made of dentin, which is covered by the enamel you can see. Under the dentin is the dental pulp, which is a soft tissue containing nerves and blood vessels. When injured or damaged, these nerves can cause you a lot of pain and require immediate treatment. If you think you have nerve damage, it is important to see your emergency dentist in Hazlet to avoid complications. Continue reading to see if your teeth have signs of nerve damage.


Receiving a traumatic blow to the jaw or teeth, which is common in sports, can lead to nerve damage. It is important to notice if you have any broken or cracked teeth, as well as severe pain following the accident. A cracked crown can cause the tooth’s nerves to be exposed . There is also a possibility of a root fracture, which requires immediate dental attention.

Severe Decay

If you have noticed advanced decay on any of your teeth, be sure to get to the dentist. Decay can wear your tooth down to the nerve and cause the dental pulp to be exposed. Exposure can lead to an infection in your tooth’s nerves. You will notice pain and sensitivity when breathing or ingesting cold or hot liquids and foods.

Abscessed Tooth

Swelling of the face or jaw around a painful tooth may suggest to you that you have an abscessed tooth. This is caused by an infection at the root, most often caused by decay or injury. If you think you have an abscess this is a good indicator of nerve damage. Blood flow and cellular activity increases around damaged or dead dental pulp, causing pressure to build up. This requires immediate dental attention.

A dental exam is required to address the extent of your nerve damage, as well as what kind of treatment is most appropriate. You will receive quality care from the staff at Glenwood Premier Dental during your consultation. If you have questions, call us at (732) 264-4477 or visit us online for more information about our services.