When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root Canal Hazlet No one likes having a toothache, and sometimes a root canal is necessary to relieve the pain. But when is it time to schedule a dental appointment for a root canal to resolve a toothache? Here are some questions you can ask to help distinguish a mild toothache from a serious infection requiring immediate dental care.

When Do You Experience Pain?

With a cavity, you may experience pain periodically. With severe tooth decay, however, you will likely experience a toothache for a prolonged period of time. The pain may become more severe when you eat something or pressure is applied to the area in general. If you experience intense pain whenever you eat or drink something cold or hot, then you may be in need of a root canal . The same goes if you apply a hot or cold compress to the area and experience lasting pain after the compress has been removed.

What Does the Site Look Like?

You will notice the infected tooth becoming darker as the infection becomes worse. Depending on how far the infection has traveled, you may have a white bump appear in the gums immediately surrounding the infected tooth. This might be the start of a gum abscess. If the area around the tooth begins swelling and becoming more tender to touch, you may be in need of a root canal.

What Does Your Dentist Advise?

Obviously, you should always consult your dentist when you experience any sort of toothache or gum pain. Your dentist can assess the area through a dental exam and x-rays to determine the exact location and extent of the infection. Once he has located the infection, your dentist can advise the best course of action, whether that is a root canal or a possible tooth extraction.

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