A Closer Look at Tongue-Tie

Tongue-tie is a congenital condition that affects the range of motion of the tongue. In patients with this condition, the tongue is “tied” to the bottom of the mouth by an extra band of tissue, which can affect the ability to eat, speak, and swallow. At Glenwood Premier Dental, our dentists can use Waterlase Dentistry to treat tongue-tie and prevent many of the secondary conditions and concerns it may cause.

Causes and Symptoms of Tongue-Tie

Tongue-tie occurs when the lingual frenulum, a small fold of tissue beneath the tongue, fails to separate from the bottom of the mouth prior to birth. The causes of this congenital condition are unknown. Symptoms of the condition include difficultly raising the tongue or moving it side to side, trouble sticking out the tongue, and a tongue that appears heart-shaped when raised.

Complications of Tongue-Tie

Tongue-tie can cause complications that affect an individual’s ability to eat, swallow, or speak naturally. Infants in particular may have trouble eating, especially when breastfeeding. Children with tongue-tie often have difficulty speaking clearly and may suffer from speech impediments associated with a lack of movement in the tongue.

Treatment for Tongue-Tie

In mild cases, tongue-tie may not require treatment at all if the band of tissue does not excessively restrict the tongue or its motion. However, individuals with symptoms that interfere with eating or speaking can benefit from treatment. Your dentist can treat tongue-tie using laser dentistry techniques to quickly and cleanly cut the band of tissue holding the tongue in place. This procedure is short, safe, and painless, allowing the tongue to immediately move freely to eliminate the symptoms of and complications associated with tongue-tie.

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