A Closer Look at Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant dentistry offers patients with one or more missing teeth the opportunity to restore their smiles and improve their health. Patients may qualify for implant-supported bridges, crowns, or dentures. A dentist will determine patients’ candidacies depending on the amount of tooth and bone loss. Read on for a better look at implant-supported bridges and how they can benefit patients.

They can reduce bone loss.

Dentists often recommend implant-supported bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth, because implants can reduce the amount of bone loss in the jawbone. If there is significant bone loss, then patients may experience a misshapen jawline and chin structure. However, implants placed directly into the jawbone bond with the bone and help strengthen it against future bone loss. This is vital to patients missing one or more teeth, so their smile and facial structure are not altered.

They can improve nutrition.

Patients with missing teeth often refrain from eating the healthy meats and vegetables that doctors recommend. Patients may find it difficult to chew on these foods, so they choose soft and over-processed foods. These foods often contain heavy amounts of sugar and carbohydrates that can contribute to increased tooth decay, gum disease, and weight gain. Patients can improve their nutrition and dental health by choosing implant-supported bridges. These restorations will remain steady and strong under the chewing forces needed to consume healthy meats and vegetables.

They can restore a smile.

When patients have missing teeth, they may feel self-conscious about their smile and speech. Implant-supported bridges offer patients a natural-looking way to restore their smile. The bridge is formed after multiple x-rays, scans, and molds have been taken of the patient’s mouth, so the bridge will look like the patient’s natural teeth. Patients can smile and speak without any embarrassment or worry once they receive their implant-supported bridges.

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