What Happens During a Root Canal?

It’s best not to ignore a pain in your tooth, especially if it’s severe or lasts for a long time. This could be a symptom of a serious oral health condition, so talk to your dentist. Watch this video to see what happens during a root canal.

A root canal aims to remove infected or damaged pulp from the inside of your tooth. Your dentist will use a rubber dam to keep saliva out of the area while cleaning out the tooth’s interior. He or she will regularly flush out debris and contaminants before filling up the canals with a new compound. Then the tooth will be sealed in order to protect it from bacteria.

In addition to root canals near Hazlet, Glenwood Premier Dental offers oral cancer screenings and implant dentistry. Feel free to visit our website or call us at (732) 264-4477 if you would like to set up an appointment.

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