See What Happens When You Consume Acidic Drinks

Dentists caution their patients against regularly consuming acidic drinks like soda because of the harmful effects on the teeth. Many sodas are filled with sugar, which contributes to tooth decay. Even if a person drinks zero-calorie soda, the acidity of the drink will damage the enamel of the teeth. As a result, that person is more likely to require a filling at his or her next dentist appointment. You can see a real-life example of this by watching this video.

Several soda enthusiasts are invited to talk about why they love soda and how they consume multiple cans each day. Later, they’re invited back, and they’re shown real human teeth that have been soaked in cola for five days. You can see how the teeth have turned dark brown. They appear damaged, and one of the interviewed individuals says the teeth feel more brittle.

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