Steps to Take When You Lose a Crown

Dental restorations like crowns are bonded firmly to the natural tooth, but sometimes, physical trauma can knock them loose. It’s possible to lose a crown while playing sports. They can also be knocked out during car accidents and falls. A lost crown can be problematic because it’s needed to protect the remaining natural tooth. Without it, you may suffer from painful sensitivity. Call an emergency dentist promptly, and bring your knocked-out crown.

Manage your tooth sensitivity.

Never place aspirin directly on the oral tissues. Instead, manage your tooth sensitivity with clove oil , which is readily available in most supermarkets. Add a few drops of clove oil to a sterile cotton swab, and gently dab it on the area. Avoid breathing through your mouth, as this introduces temperature fluctuations to the sensitive area. If you’re thirsty, try to drink room temperature beverages, and if you eat before you see the dentist, avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth.

Try to place the crown back on.

It may be possible to temporarily place the crown back over the remaining tooth. Clean the crown, dry it completely, and apply a little dental cement to the inside. Make sure the crown is positioned correctly before pressing it over the tooth. Like clove oil, dental cement is usually available in supermarkets, or you can check in a pharmacy. You’ll still need to see the emergency dentist as soon as possible, as over-the-counter dental cement won’t keep your crown in place for long.

Talk to your dentist about preventing recurrent crown loss.

Your dentist will examine the crown for damage. He or she will thoroughly sanitize the crown before bonding it firmly back in place. If you’ve lost the crown, you can receive a temporary restoration while awaiting a new one. Before you leave the dental office, ask about the reason for the incident. Sometimes, it might be obvious, such as if you were involved in a sports collision. Or, you might discover that you tend to grind your teeth without realizing it. Your dentist can recommend preventive solutions, such as a mouthguard.

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