Can Wintry Weather Affect Your Oral Health?

There are quite a few changes you should make when the weather shifts, and some of them concern your oral health. The cold weather can hurt your teeth and your restorations, so be sure to see your dentist for a checkup. Keep reading to see how wintry weather could affect your oral health.

Sensitivity and Irritation

As strong as your tooth enamel is, it can also be sensitive to temperature or pressure. That’s why it might be uncomfortable to breathe through your mouth on a cold winter day. There are pores in your teeth, and these pores can be infiltrated by the cold air. However, you shouldn’t have a problem most of the time. If your teeth are particularly sensitive, irritated, or uncomfortable when you go out into the cold weather, you might consider setting up an appointment to see your dentist. Keep in mind that you might feel the hot cocoa you have to warm yourself up in your teeth as well.

Old Restorations

Cold weather can bring out problems with your old restorations, and it can also cause them. Old fillings that don’t fit and worn-out crowns can cause your teeth to be more sensitive to temperature. On the other hand, the regular expanding and contracting of your teeth due to the temperature can also cause these problems. Do your best to care for your restorations, and see your dentist if you run into any issues.

Oral Hygiene

Protecting your teeth and oral health from the cold doesn’t have to be challenging. If you stick to a dental hygiene routine, it can actually be easy. Floss your teeth each day and brush twice a day to strengthen your enamel and resist cracks and wear. See your dentist for regular checkups so you know how you’re doing and what you should look for.

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