A Closer Look at Captek™ Crowns

When tooth decay destroys a portion of your tooth and a filling is not sufficient to replace it, you may need a root canal followed by a crown. If your dentist suggests a crown, Captek™ crowns will provide a natural look and feel that is both comfortable and durable.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Captek™ crowns. These crowns offer reliable biocompatibility and strength, while giving the appearance of natural teeth. They won’t create a dark line along your gums like other crowns, and they have been shown to be more resistant to bacteria than natural teeth.

Glenwood Premier Dental is pleased to offer Captek™ crowns alongside other high-tech treatments for restorative care and oral health. Make an appointment with our dentist in Hazlet today by calling (732) 264-4477.