Reasons to Smile About Laser Dentistry

Laser treatments have revolutionized medical care in many different specialties, and now, it is changing the way that your dentist provides treatment. Laser dentistry , such as the Waterlase system, offers many advantages over traditional dental treatments, allowing you to get the care you need more comfortably and faster than ever before. Here are just some of the reasons patients are smiling about laser dentistry.

Comfortable Care

If you’re someone who gets nervous about seeing your dentist, then you’ll be excited to know that laser dentistry is the most comfortable way to get treatment . Laser dentistry uses laser energy and water to get results, so you don’t have to worry about the heat, pressure, and vibrations that come with traditional treatments using drills. In many cases, patients can get laser dentistry care without anesthesia, and when anesthesia is necessary, less is required. That means you could get the dental care you need without the dreaded numbing shot.

Faster Treatments

Laser dentistry lets your dentist perform treatments that used to take multiple visits during a single appointment, saving you time and money. Your appointment time can be reduced even more if anesthesia is not needed. Laser treatments let you get out of your appointment and back to your to-do list quicker than other kinds of care.

Easy Recovery

Laser treatments allow for greater precision than other kinds of care. Any cutting that is required is smaller and more conservative than other treatments, and the laser causes the blood to coagulate quickly. As a result, you’ll experience less gum swelling and bleeding and less post-treatment discomfort. If you don’t need anesthesia, you will also get to skip the post-procedure numbness that lingers for so long with other treatments.

Glenwood Premier Dental is pleased to offer Waterlase laser dentistry in Hazlet for restorative care, including treatment of cavities, surface etching, and enameloplasty. Find out if laser dentistry could be right for you and make an appointment at our dental office by calling (732) 264-4477.

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