Quitting Smoking Before Dental Implant Surgery

If you have missing teeth, dental implants provide a natural-looking replacement to help you feel more confident in your smile. They don’t require any of the special cleaning methods or dietary changes that dentures do, and they won’t move around in your mouth. However, if you are undergoing dental implant surgery and you are a smoker, your dentist will likely ask you to quit before your procedure. Here is why quitting is important and what you can do about it.

Why Quitting Before Dental Implant Surgery Matters

Any time you have surgery, smoking can interfere with a healthy recovery. It can cause problems with blood clotting and make you more prone to infection. With dental procedures, smoking also increases the risk of developing a painful dry socket. Smoking is associated with a wide range of oral health problems, including gum disease and tooth decay, so smoking after an oral surgery can have a serious impact on your healing.

In addition, a recent study on dental implant patients showed that people who smoke have a higher risk of dental implant failure. Researchers followed dental implant recipients for five years, and they had an implant failure rate of 15.8%. The failure rate in non-smokers was 1.4%.

Suggestions for Quitting Smoking

If you’re having dental implant surgery and you want to quit, talk to your dentist. He or she may be able to offer resources that can help. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe medications that help to control your cravings or recommend other strategies that may be helpful to you.

You don’t have to quit cold turkey, though some people do. Today, there is a wide range of quit aids that help you step down your tobacco usage and manage your withdrawal symptoms.

If you have missing teeth, talk to your dentist at Glenwood Premier Dental today to find out if you are good candidate for dental implants. Your dentist can also explain how your smoking could impact your treatment and offer suggestions to help you quit. Learn more about dental implants in Hazlet by calling (732) 264-4477.