What Are Dental Implants Made From?

Implant dentistry is the preferred method of restoring a smile when the patient has missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently anchored into the jawbone. Dental implants have actually been used for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that cosmetic dentists discovered the ideal material and method for them. Modern-day implants are made of titanium or titanium alloys. This material was selected because the bone can fuse to it in a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration enables the implant to act just like a natural tooth root.

The titanium post is the part of the implant that isn’t visible, since it’s placed directly into the bone. An abutment, or connector, attaches to the implant. It can be made from titanium, gold, or surgical stainless steel. On top of that rests the crown, which is the visible portion of the implant. The crown is usually made from ceramic, and it looks just like a natural tooth.

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