What to Do About Common Denture Problems

Dentures can be an excellent way to replace missing teeth, although they won’t prevent jawbone density loss the way implant dentistry can. There can be a bit of a learning curve for new denture wearers. The more you wear them, the sooner you’ll get accustomed to their presence in your mouth. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist if you think your dentures don’t fit properly.

Denture Slippage

Slippage is a common problem, especially among new denture wearers. It can happen because you aren’t yet accustomed to holding your dentures in place with your tongue and cheek muscles. When your dentures slip out of place, you can gently bite them back into the right position. Your dentist may recommend using a tiny amount of denture adhesive. However, this isn’t intended to be a long-term solution. If your dentures continue to slip out of place while you talk or eat, it’s time for a dentist appointment. The oral appliance may need to be adjusted if it doesn’t fit properly.

Mouth Irritation

New denture wearers often complain of mouth irritation. Gum and mouth irritation can be caused by improperly fitting dentures or by poor oral hygiene. Try the following tips to relieve your mouth irritation:

  • Take your dentures out before you go to bed.
  • Massage your gums gently to boost blood circulation.
  • Follow your dentist’s oral hygiene and denture care recommendations.

Mouth Infections

Taking good care of your dentures can help reduce the risk of infections such as stomatitis and cheilitis. Many new denture wearers find that they have trouble adjusting to their new oral care routine. It can be helpful to do things in the same order every time. Use the following tips:

  • Lay a hand towel on the bathroom counter before removing your dentures, just in case you drop them.
  • Use a commercial denture cleaner or mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Avoid using regular toothpaste to clean your dentures.

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