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Can Babies “Catch” Caries?

You don’t wait to start taking care of your overall health, so why would you wait to start paying attention to your oral health? Babies are susceptible to tooth decay too, which is why it’s so important for kids to see the dentist early on.

It’s important to show babies love and affection, and some parents do this by kissing on the mouth. This is potentially hazardous because adults have different types of bacteria in the mouth that their babies don’t. Once this bacteria is introduced, the child becomes more vulnerable to tooth decay and, in essence, can “catch” caries. This can also occur when parents share utensils with their babies. You can always ask your dentist for a caries test to measure the concentration of bacteria in your mouth.

Make sure your babies don’t catch caries by taking them to a dentist in Hazlet at a young age. Glenwood Premier Dental handles root canals, implant dentistry, and gingivitis, and our team is happy to help you and your family stay healthy. Call our offices at (732) 497-3265 to set up an appointment today.