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Don’t Believe These Dental Myths

In order to take care of your oral health, you need to know if what you’ve heard is true or not. Talk to your cosmetic dentist to dispel many of the myths that still keep people from enjoying the best wellbeing possible. Take a look ahead for the lowdown on some dental myths that you shouldn’t believe.

You’re too old for braces.

If you ever have someone tell you that you’re too old for braces, you’re clearly not talking to a dentist. It’s never too late to want the best for your oral health, and braces may be an important part. Today’s braces are also much more appealing to people of all ages, from children to older adults. Invisalign and similar orthodontic treatments can reposition your teeth without anyone knowing about it so you can keep your confidence during treatment.

Cavities in baby teeth don’t matter.

Baby teeth will fall out eventually, but that doesn’t mean the time they spend in your mouth isn’t important. Healthy baby teeth create a space that your adult teeth will grow into, and they also help with the development of speech. Furthermore, decay in your baby teeth can spread to neighboring adult teeth and cause serious issues. Make sure your children take care of their baby teeth to avoid decay problems and set the stage for a beautiful and healthy smile.

You need a hard toothbrush.

There is no universal standard for the “right” hardness for a toothbrush, so consider your comfort. A toothbrush with bristles that are too soft may not adequately remove food debris from between your teeth, while one that is too rough may cause bleeding. Experiment with different types of toothbrushes to find one that is comfortable and effective.

You’ve heard that your dentist serving Hazlet is a crucial component of oral health, and that is not a myth. That’s why you should call the team at Glenwood Premier Dental at (732) 497-3265. A cosmetic dentist can offer dental exams, teeth whitening treatments, and much more. Visit our website for a look at our services.