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What Is a Dry Socket?

One of the potential side effects of having a tooth extracted is a dry socket. Your dentist will tell you things that you can do to prevent a dry socket as you recover. If you think you could be developing one, call your dentist as soon as possible so that he or she can provide treatments to alleviate the pain and promote healing.

Dry sockets occur when the clot that forms over the socket where your tooth stood is displaced. When the clot moves, the nerves and bones are exposed, which can be painful. Smoking or using a straw before the site of the extraction is healed increases the risk of developing a dry socket. If you have a dry socket, your dentist can use a medicated dressing to fill the socket and may recommend taking pain medications to ease the discomfort.

When you have a tooth extracted at Glenwood Premier Dental, our dentist will provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you recover quickly with a minimal risk of complications. For professional dental care in Hazlet, call us today at (732) 497-3265.