Dental Crowns & Bridges - Hazlet, NJ

Cost-Effective Solutions for
Damaged and Missing Teeth

Restore Your Smile Function and Confidence with Crowns or Bridges

If you’re living with a smile gap due to tooth loss, you’ve likely experienced issues with chewing, speaking, and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Because a smile and physical appearance are an integral part of your self-identity, you may also be struggling with the emotional side effects of tooth loss, including deflated confidence and a diminished social life.

Although they don’t offer the lifelong permanence of dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges in Hazlet, NJ, are cost-effective and durable solutions for restoring dental function and smile confidence at Glenwood Premier Dental.

Tooth Crowns Protect Weakened Teeth

A dental crown is a tooth cap that surrounds the visible portion of a decayed, damaged, or weakened tooth to strengthen and reduce the risk of extraction. To prepare your tooth for a crown in Hazlet, NJ, decay is removed, filed down, and reshaped, and impressions are taken.

We create a temporary tooth crown out of acrylic resin that you’ll wear until the custom-made crown returns from the dental lab. During your last visit, we ensured the crown fits securely and your bite alignment was restored before cementing it.

Captek™ Dental Crowns

Captek dental crowns at Glenwood Premier Dental feature an 88% yellow gold composite alloy that serves as the substructure for the porcelain crown. Due to the gold substructure, Captek crowns provide exceptional biocompatibility, strength, natural-looking aesthetics, and corrosion resistance.

Research indicates Captek crowns offer more excellent bacteria resistance than natural teeth. Thanks to recent technological advances, applications for Captek have expanded from single crowns and one to two pontic bridges to longer-span bridges and dental implants.

The Benefits of
Dental Crowns

  • Restores strength to damaged teeth
  • Improves tooth appearance
  • Repairs severely decayed teeth
  • Preserves tooth after a root canal
  • Restores dental implants

Dental Bridges
Close Smile Gaps

A dental bridge is a restoration for one or two missing teeth that relies on neighboring teeth for support. A pontic (false tooth) is anchored to crowned teeth on each side to bridge the gap caused by tooth loss literally. An alternative is an implant-supported bridge, eliminating the need to modify and crown healthy teeth while preserving underlying jawbone health.

The Benefits of
Dental Bridges

  • Restores function and aesthetics
  • Improves chewing, speech, and overall oral health
  • Eliminates unsightly smile gaps
  • Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting
  • Offers excellent strength and stability

We Offer Affordable Crowns and Bridges

The cost of dental crowns and bridges varies greatly by practice and geographic region, materials, and the number of teeth being treated. In many cases, insurance pays for 50% of the cost of a crown or bridge, although this is subject to your specific policy.

During your consultation for dental bridges or crowns in Hazlet, NJ, our team will help you determine the best option to meet your clinical needs that makes the most sense for your finances. In addition to competitive costs, we accept insurance from multiple carriers and partner with several leading third-party dental financing companies.