Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Hazlet, NJ

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Fully Functional Smile

Make Your Smile Whole Again
with Restorative Dentistry

Excessive wear and tear, trauma, or forgoing professional dental care can result in reduced dental function, mouth pain, and a damaged smile. Suppose you’re experiencing intense discomfort and sensitivity when eating, chronic tooth or jaw pain, or self-esteem issues caused by missing or failing teeth. In that case, you may be a perfect candidate for full mouth reconstruction in Hazlet, NJ.

At Glenwood Premier Dental, our skilled dentist combines the science of restorative dentistry with an artistic touch to improve your oral health, chewing function, and overall well-being with procedures personalized to your unique clinical needs!

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What Is Full Mouth

Dental reconstruction in Hazlet, NJ, involves diverse dental procedures designed to restore function while secondarily improving your overall smile aesthetics completely. Our dentist has in-depth knowledge of oral structures and years of experience creating customized full mouth reconstruction solutions that reflect his belief in tooth preservation and conservative techniques. With a decades-long track record in full mouth restoration and state-of-the-art dental technology, your smile is in great hands at Glenwood Premier Dental!

Dental Problems Requiring
Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Extensive dental decay and large failing fillings
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Badly worn teeth due to bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching)
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction symptoms
  • Dental trauma (g., broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth)

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Our Personalized Dental Reconstruction Process

Full mouth reconstruction is complex and often requires multiple procedures to restore full health and properly function your smile. To ensure dental reconstruction in Hazlet, NJ, is tailored to your specific needs, the first step is a consultation and evaluation at Glenwood Premier Dental, including a comprehensive exam and diagnostic imaging. Our team will explain the steps involved for each recommended procedure, including projected timelines and costs.

The type of material and fabrication techniques used to craft your restorations are fully customized to meet your desired outcome. During the entire process, our team strives to ensure you’re comfortable, fully informed, and completely satisfied with treatment. If you’re worried about finances, we offer competitive full mouth restoration costs and partner with multiple insurance and third-party financing companies to help make this transformative treatment even more affordable.

Restoring Smiles and Lives, One Procedure at a Time

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The Benefits of a Fully
Restored Smile

  • Restores the function of teeth
  • Eliminates sensitivity when eating and drinking
  • Reduces or eliminates tooth grinding and clenching
  • Alleviates jaw discomfort or pain