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Common Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss—whether due to extraction, gum disease, or trauma—often comes with unfortunate side effects, such as bone loss and poor health. Dentists will often recommend implant dentistry to prevent the side effects of tooth loss, because dental implants make great tooth replacements. Get a better look at the common consequences of tooth loss by reading below.

Poor Health

One of the most common consequences of tooth loss comes in the form of poor health. Patients with one or more teeth lost typically turn to a poor diet, because they are unable to chew crunchy vegetables or protein-filled meats. This lack of essential nutrients can lead to weight gain, heart disease, and a risk of developing diabetes. Tooth loss can also result in poor dental health. The surrounding gums are more susceptible to gum disease and infection, because the connective tissues begin to break down following tooth loss.

Bone Resorption

Bone resorption, also known as bone loss, is a potential side effect of tooth loss. The jawbone is often affected following a tooth extraction. The jawbone will begin to break down and degrade. This degradation can affect the surrounding gums, connective tissues, and remaining teeth. As these vital components are affected, patients may notice shifting or loose teeth, poor gum health, and an altered appearance.

Altered Appearance

As the jawbone breaks down, patients may notice the shape of their faces change over time. This occurs because there is no longer enough supportive bone structure to maintain the patients’ normal jawline. Patients may notice their mouths, chins, and cheeks becoming more concave. They may also develop fine lines around their lips or folds around their mouths as a result of the bone loss and altered appearance.

Patients who have tooth loss can benefit with implant dentistry near Hazlet . This is an essential area of dentistry offered at Glenwood Premier Dental to prevent bone loss and restore patients’ health and face shape. Work with our compassionate dentists to receive great restorative care by calling us at (732) 497-3265.