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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry near Hazlet has given people with tooth loss options beyond dentures and bridges. While these methods may prove the right restorative care choice in some cases, dental implants can provide long-term treatment free from daily denture cleanings and other upkeep necessities. If advanced gum disease or traumatic injury has resulted in the loss of one or several teeth, consider implant dentistry for these extensive benefits:

An Attractive Smile

Dentures and bridges can look remarkably similar to natural teeth. However, dentures can shift in the mouth, and bridges often necessitate alteration of teeth. In contrast, dental implants require no change to your existing teeth, and because of their titanium posts, they do not move. In fact, before the implant process is complete, your dentist must first confirm that your titanium posts have fused with the surrounding bone. This makes your implants as stable as real teeth , and their crowns ensure a natural-looking smile.

Restored Tooth Function

The confident smile that dental implants foster can make a demonstrative impact on your self-esteem. Yet these devices can also serve a more critical function: the ability to eat and speak. Your teeth are fundamental to the ingestion process. Without them, you may be forced to eat only soft foods or liquids. Trying to eat more sizeable meals could also heighten the risk of choking hazards if you cannot properly chew your food. Your teeth also help with the pronunciation of words. With dental implants, you can once again carry out these basic activities with ease.

Lower Risk of Future Tooth Loss

Many people do not realize the impact that tooth loss can have on existing teeth. In many ways, the loss of a single tooth can initiate a domino effect. Teeth rely on each other for strength and stability. The presence of an empty pocket makes it easier for even healthy teeth to move and loosen in the mouth. Gum tissue and bone can deteriorate as well. Aside from how they look and function, dental implants can protect the future health of your smile by their very presence.

Don’t let tooth loss erode your oral health and confidence. Call Glenwood Premier Dental at (732) 497-3265 to schedule a consultation with Mark Wassef DMD. Dr. Wassef can go over your restorative care options and determine if dental implants best fit your needs.