• Meet Dr. Mark Wassef

    The relationship you have with your dentist should be one of mutual respect. Unfortunately, many people fear the judgment they might get in the dentist’s chair. As a result, they perpetually put off their teeth cleanings and dental exams. Mark Wassef DMD understands the apprehension of patients, which is why this dentist serving Hazlet makes it a priority to make dental care a comfortable and non-critical experience.

    Dr. Wassef is a member of many distinguished professional organizations, including the New Jersey Dental Association and the American Dental Association. His memberships allow him to have continual access to the most advanced industry practices so that he can provide exceptional care to those in need. Dr. Wassef’s passion for dental care shows not only in the high quality of his treatment services, but also through the universal consideration he shows to his patients.

    Experience for yourself the distinct level of compassion and professionalism that Dr. Wassef provides each day. Call Glenwood Premier Dental at (732) 264-4477 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit our website to view Dr. Wassef’s complete dental services for his Hazlet patients.

  • The Stages of Gum Disease

    Gum disease may begin as a painless condition, but in its advanced stages, this problem can lead to considerable discomfort and heartache. Tooth loss is a common consequence of unchecked gum disease, an outcome that only implant dentistry may rectify. To protect yourself from loose teeth or missing teeth, seek professional help as soon as you notice the initial signs of gum disease. The sooner that your dentist serving Hazlet can address this condition, the better off your teeth and gums will be.

    First Stage: Gingivitis

    Gum disease begins when plaque has the chance to collect on tooth enamel. Plaque forms when the bacteria in your mouth combine with food particles. This mixture becomes a sticky acidic substance that can build and harden on teeth. Should enough plaque accumulate on your teeth, it can cause gum inflammation. While you may not feel pain, you can often see the warning signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If your gums look red or they bleed, consult a dentist. Also, keep up with your teeth cleanings. During these appointments, your dentist can remove hardened plaque.

    Next Stage: Periodontitis

    If your dentist doesn’t have the opportunity to remove plaque from your teeth, you might advance to the next stage of gum disease: periodontitis. At this point, your gums may begin to recede from your original gumline. As your gums deteriorate, the opportunity for plaque accumulation grows. Unlike gingivitis, which a dentist can reverse with early treatment, periodontitis produces permanent dental damage.

    Last Stage: Advanced Periodontitis

    As gum inflammation progresses, the bacteria that destroy gum tissues can also impact the bone into which teeth are rooted. Should this happen, your teeth may begin to shift in their sockets. Without a stable foundation, they can also fall out. Once gum disease develops into advanced periodontitis, the risk of tooth loss is high. Because bone and gum tissue typically cannot regenerate, your dentist may need to perform extractions if you have loose teeth. So before your occasionally bleeding gums evolve into dangerously loose teeth, make sure that you adhere to a consistent oral hygiene routine and undergo regular dental exams.

    Glenwood Premier Dental offers effective gum disease solutions for our Hazlet patients. Call (732) 264-4477 to learn more about our laser dentistry services. Our dentist Mark Wassef DMD can help you maintain a healthy and full smile.

  • A Look at Zoom Whitening Technology

    Think teeth whitening treatment is a long process? With Zoom QuickPro teeth whitening treatment, your cosmetic dentist in Hazlet can help you achieve a brighter smile in minutes.

    This video demonstrates just how easy Zoom QuickPro is. Many people find it difficult to schedule teeth whitening, as it once required up to an hour of treatment. If you too want a brighter smile but believe that you don’t have time for it, consider Zoom QuickPro. All it takes is five minutes for your dentist to apply the solution and sealant that together remove discoloration. You can then wipe or brush your teeth 30 minutes later from the comfort of your home and enjoy your newly brightened smile.

    Glenwood Premier Dental offers Zoom whitening at our Hazlet office. To schedule an appointment with our Dr. Wassef for treatment, call (732) 264-4477.