• The Uses of Laser Dentistry

    A dentist who offers laser dentistry is using the very latest dental technology available. Laser dentistry relies on highly targeted laser energy to focus precisely on affected teeth and gums without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. A dentist can use laser dentistry to perform a wide range of procedures, ranging from non-invasive techniques to surgery. Read on to learn more about the uses of laser dentistry, including filling decayed teeth, performing root canals, and correcting gum disease.

    Filling Decayed Teeth Dental Exams Hazlet

    A dentist regularly uses lasers to fill cavities and correct tooth decay . Laser dentistry is ideal for both preparing cavities and removing caries. Instead of the high speed drill which elicits fear in many children and adults alike, laser dentistry eliminates caries in the path of the tiny and targeted laser beam. When it comes to filling cavities, laser dentistry is both comfortable and safe for even young children.

    Performing Root Canals

    Laser dentistry is also ideal for completing a root canal procedure. In many cases, laser dentistry is so painless that it requires no shots at all. For many people, just the idea of a shot of local anesthesia produces dental anxiety. While laser dentistry takes slightly more time to remove infected inner tooth tissue during a root canal, most people feel no discomfort at all during the procedure itself.

    Correcting Gum Disease

    A laser dentist may also recommend laser treatment for gum disease. Periodontal disease was formerly treated with invasive surgery that forced many patients to spend days in painful recovery. With laser dentistry, a dentist can treat both the beginning stages of gum disease and the more serious side effects that accompany advanced periodontal disease.

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  • How Patients Benefit from Laser Dental Treatments

    When you visit a laser dentist, you can count on benefiting from one of the latest and safest medical technologies around. Laser dentistry involves using a laser to precisely target affected tissues and teeth. A laser dentist can perform a wide range of procedures, including gum disease treatment, a root canal, cavity fillings, and teeth whitening. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from laser dentistry, including that it allows for virtually painless procedures, offers increased accuracy, and requires fewer dental appointments.

    Painless Procedures Emergency Dentist Hazlet

    Thanks to laser dentistry, a dentist can now perform many different kinds of techniques with minimal or no discomfort for the patient. Traditional dental drills often cause pain because they generate heat and pressure. Laser dentistry generates no heat or pressure, which means everything from a root canal or a filling can be done either pain-free or with fewer shots. When a laser dentist performs procedures, he or she can use significantly less anesthesia, which means less recovery time for patients.

    Increased Accuracy

    A laser dentist also offers improved accuracy. Drills can damage surrounding healthy tissue and teeth. Unfortunately, that also means drills cause bleeding, swelling, and pain that lasts long after the dental procedure is over. With a laser, a dentist can remove gum tissue and tiny pieces of a tooth without affecting surrounding areas. Laser dentistry even allows a dentist to treat gum disease without surgery.

    Fewer Appointments

    With laser dentistry, a dentist can perform many procedures in a single dental appointment. Because patients no longer have to wait days or weeks to heal, they can schedule multiple dental procedures in just one day. With fewer appointments, laser dentistry can accommodate any busy schedule.

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  • A Patient’s Guide to Laser Dentistry

    Modern dentistry makes use of an array of advanced techniques in order to provide patients with the highest quality care possible. Dentists have been honing their laser dentistry skills for 25 years, and these methods continue to improve. Read on for a patient’s guide to laser dentistry.

    What Laser Dentistry Is Laser Dentistry hazlet

    You may be familiar with the more traditional dental tools, but laser dentistry works a little bit differently. The laser your dentist uses concentrates a beam of energy in order to create a reaction in your oral tissues. Although this seems relatively high-tech, laser dentistry has actually been used since 1990 . Your dentist may use lasers for a range of purposes, including managing tissue, treating infections, and exposing wisdom teeth. Your dentist can even use a laser as a catalyst for tooth whitening treatments.

    Why It Is Beneficial

    Laser dentistry comes with a number of important benefits. This type of dental practice allows dentists to complete certain procedures without relying on more invasive techniques and pieces of equipment. Laser dentistry may even eliminate the need for drills and anesthesia during certain treatments. Patients who undergo laser dentistry tend to experience shorter healing times and cleaner gum tissue. A dentist who uses laser dentistry will also enjoy a greater level of control and precision when performing dental treatments, and he or she may be better able to limit bleeding.

    When It Is Used

    While laser dentistry is considered a safe and effective form of dental treatment, it is not necessarily the most practical method in every circumstance. Be sure that your dentist is properly trained in the use of lasers, and always wear eye protection when undergoing treatments involving lasers. The only way to know for sure if laser dentistry is an appropriate option for you is to talk to your dentist.

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