• Treating Periodontal Disease

    Gum Disease Hazlet Periodontal disease, also known as advanced gum disease, is a painful and debilitating condition that occurs within and around the gum line. Often accompanied by bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth, there are a few different ways your dentist might treat your periodontal disease. However, you should always strive for proper dental care to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

    When only minor periodontal disease, or gingivitis, is present, your dentist can treat your gums with a simple instruction on more effective daily hygiene. Typically, this mild stage can be treated with a few deep cleanings and better personal dental care. If your dentist determines that you have advanced periodontal disease, he may have to perform procedures knowns as scaling and planing. These procedures typically involve scraping tartar and bacteria from the teeth roots and removing pockets of toxins from the gums. Once these areas are clean, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and mouth rinses to help your gums continue to heal.

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  • Healing from Dental Implants

    Dental implants can be healing in many ways, because they restore missing teeth permanently to improve your oral health and your self-confidence. Implant dentistry is changing lives across the world, and though it requires a little bit of recovery time, patients are forever changed for the better after their implant surgery.

    Healing Time Implant Dentistry Hazlet

    The amount of time it takes to heal from a dental implant surgery depends on the severity of the surgery, the patient’s bone quality, and the quality of the aftercare. Typically, healing time will be anywhere from two to four months. However, the more involved an implant surgery was—potentially due to additional teeth extractions, bone grafts, or complications—the longer the healing time will be. Also, if a patient has difficulty healing from invasive procedures, possibly due to a blood or immune disorder, the healing time may be longer than normal.

    Proper Aftercare

    A patient’s care after an implant procedure encompasses everything from his oral hygiene to his overall health. If a patient follows the dentist’s instructions exactly and maintains healthy habits, healing time should go smoothly.

    Dental Checkups

    In the following weeks and months after an implant procedure, the patient will visit the dentist several times. These checkups will assess how well the implants are fusing to the jaw. They will also determine how well the patient’s gums and mouth are healing. Once the jaw and gums have sufficiently healed, the dentist will start to incorporate the dental restorations. Often, implant-supported dentures are able to be loaded onto the implants within a day or two of the surgery. However, this may not always be possible, and it is completely normal to finish healing before a dentist will fully load dentures onto an implant.

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  • How Missing Teeth Affect Your Health

    As you can see in this video, people with missing teeth and dentures tend to eat softer food that has been heavily processed. As any doctor and dentist will advise, this type of diet is unhealthy toward a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

    When someone has missing teeth, they often find it difficult to eat healthier foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats. These foods are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, though they may be inaccessible to you if you have missing teeth or poorly fitted dental restorations. Your dentist can help you explore restorative care options that will more easily allow you to eat healthy foods.

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  • The Invisalign Process

    Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet If your bite is misaligned or your teeth are a little crooked, Invisalign may provide a cosmetic solution for your smile that doesn’t involve traditional braces. The Invisalign straightening process uses clear, removable aligners that can gradually shift your teeth into a straighter position in as little as a year.

    Invisalign braces are clear, durable, easy to remove and care for, and are a discreet way to improve the look of your smile. If you and your dentist decide that Invisalign is right for you, the process will begin with dental x-rays, photos, and impressions of your teeth that will allow your dentist to design a customized plan for straightening your smile. Your treatment will begin with an initial set of custom-made aligners, and you’ll receive a new set every couple of weeks so your teeth will continue to straighten.

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  • How to Keep Your Teeth Whiter

    Keeping your pearly whites looking bright can make you look younger and feel more confident. Most people’s teeth darken as they age, but proper dental care and teeth whitening procedures can stop or reverse this process. If you visit your dentist for whitening treatments , there are a few steps that you can take to help keep your teeth white:

    Practice Good Oral Hygiene Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet

    Taking appropriate care of your teeth will not only help to keep them white but will aid in tooth decay and gum disease prevention as well. Floss at least once per day, and remember to brush your teeth at least twice daily, especially after breakfast and before bed, with a fluoride-containing whitening toothpaste which will help strengthen your tooth enamel and lift stains from the surface of your teeth.

    Schedule Regular Dentist Visits

    If you’re concerned about the color of your teeth, professional, in-office whitening procedures can brighten your teeth by several shades in a short amount of time. Committing to biannual dentist checkups will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, and your smile bright. Regular teeth cleanings can polish away surface stains on your teeth that brushing alone won’t remove, helping to fight discoloration without the need for additional whitening treatments.

    Avoid Staining Drinks

    The most damaging culprits when it comes to tooth staining are coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. Avoiding these drinks altogether is the best way to keep your teeth white, but if you do drink them, remember to rinse your teeth afterward and brush them if possible. Tobacco is also staining for teeth, so consider quitting if you’re a smoker.

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