• Recognizing the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

    One of the most important functions your dentist can perform is to conduct regular oral cancer screenings. You should schedule regular dental check-ups in order to safeguard the health of your teeth and gums. During dental exams, however, the dentist can also check for sores or growths which may indicate oral cancer. You can then be referred to a doctor if necessary. Oral cancers include cancers of the throat, lips, tongue, soft and hard palates, sinuses, and pharynx. These cancers can prove fatal if left untreated. Early diagnosis is crucial.

    Risk Factors for Oral Cancer Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet

    You may be at greater risk of contracting oral cancer if you smoke or use tobacco products. Heavy drinking, hereditary factors, excessive exposure to sunlight in childhood, and exposure to certain forms of HPV, or human papillomavirus, can also increase your vulnerability to oral cancer . However, you still need to be screened for oral cancer even if none of these risk factors apply.

    Symptoms of Oral Cancer

    It is important to be familiar with some of the early signs of oral cancer. These include swelling, abrasions, sores, or lumps anywhere around the lips or inside the mouth. White or speckled patches may appear in the mouth. You should also consult a medical professional if you experience bleeding, numbness, pain, or tenderness which does not have an obvious cause. Chronic hoarseness or a persistent sensation of having something caught in your throat can also be symptoms of oral cancer. A sore throat which will not go away or a stubborn ear pain can be early warning signs. The way your bite is aligned may change. You may find that your dentures no longer fit comfortably. Finally, sudden, unexplained weight loss is a side effect of many cancers, including oral cancer. Consult your dentist if you experience any of these symptoms.

    Here at Glenwood Premier Dental , we carry out regular oral cancer screenings in Hazlet as part of our dental check-ups. If you have any concerns about oral cancer, call us at (732) 264-4477, or visit our website. Let us help you retain a healthy mouth for life.

  • Improve Your Smile with Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Periodontist Hazlet A beautiful, white smile is a wonderful asset. Knowing that your teeth look their best can significantly boost your confidence. One of the most appealing features of a lovely smile is its color. Here at Glenwood Premier Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help keep your smile in peak condition.

    Traditionally, dental fillings were usually made from mercury amalgam. These amalgam fillings are easily visible within the mouth because of their dull, metallic color. An increasing number of patients are opting for tooth-colored fillings instead.

    Here at Glenwood Premier Dental, our dentists serving Hazlet always use white fillings that are made from either porcelain or resin. They are carefully chosen to match the color of your natural teeth. This means that your fillings will go unnoticed. Your dental work need not detract from the beauty of your smile. To find out more about our tooth-colored fillings, visit our website or call us at (732) 264-4477. Let us help you achieve a healthy and gorgeous smile.

  • Should You Consider Adult Sealants?

    Everyone wants healthy, disease-free teeth. While good oral hygiene can help to prevent tooth decay, there is no guarantee that cavities will not form. Watch this video to find out more about how a dentist may use sealants to help protect your teeth.

    The video discusses the fact that cavities often develop in hollows on the tooth surface which are difficult to access with a toothbrush. The presenter explains that sealants can be used to prevent plaque from being able to enter cracks, fissures, and hollows in the surface of teeth. The video shows sealant being applied to a patient’s back teeth, which are particularly vulnerable to decay. Finally, the video recommends the use of sealants for both adults and children. They provide an easy way to help protect your teeth.

    At Glenwood Premier Dental, our dentists offer sealant treatments as well as dental exams and oral cancer screenings. To learn more about how we can help you protect the health of your smile, call our dentists serving Hazlet at (732) 264-4477.

  • How WaterLase Is Making Dental Care More Comfortable

    The WaterLase laser dentistry system is a gentle alternative to traditional dental drills. It utilizes a combination of laser technology and a gentle water spray to perform a variety of dental procedures. If you need to visit a dentist for a dental exam, but suffer from dental fear and anxiety, find a dentist who can use WaterLase laser dentistry to offer you these great benefits.

    Pain-Free Dentist Visits Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet

    The WaterLase system is so gentle that your laser dentist may not even need to use a local anesthetic during your dentist visit. This eliminates the need for scary and painful dental injections before a procedure and allows your dentist to perform routine procedures without using a drill. WaterLase combines air, water, and laser energy to cut through teeth. The laser sprays water onto your tooth and tissues continuously, keeping them hydrated and ensuring a pain-free dentist visit.

    More Convenient Dental Care

    Using the WaterLase dental laser, your dentist can perform multiple dental care procedures in just one visit. This saves you time and money, and also cuts down on the dental anxiety that can occur when you anticipate multiple lengthy visits to your dentist. WaterLase dentists are also able to perform a variety of dental, so you won’t need to visit a costly specialist for your dental care.

    Safer Dental Procedures

    The laser technology that’s used in the WaterLase dental system is incredibly safe and precise. While traditional dental drills require your dentist to remove large portions of your teeth during a dental procedure, the WaterLase tool removes only very small, precise pieces. It also eliminates the risk of suffering from a cracked or damaged tooth.

    If you’re looking for a laser dentist serving Hazlet that offers safe, comfortable, and pain-free WaterLase laser dentistry procedures, come see us at Glenwood Premier Dental. Our dentists have extensive training and experience with the WaterLase dental system, and can use it to perform a variety of procedures. To schedule an appointment with one of our WaterLase dentists, call us today at (732) 264-4477.