Saving Your Teeth and Gums from Periodontal Disease

Dentists frequently sees patients who are suffering from advanced periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Otherwise known as a periodontist, this kind of dentist specializes in treating gum disease. This dental disease occurs when a sticky bacterial film called plaque accumulates on the teeth and gums. If left untreated by a dentist, the first stage of gum disease can lead to a more severe stage, which can lead to red and bleeding gums. Periodontal disease also causes tooth loss. Keep reading to find out tips from a periodontist on how to save your teeth from periodontal disease.

Good Oral Hygiene Emergency Dentist Hazlet

As your dentist will advise you, good oral hygiene is key to preventing gum disease from occurring in the first place. Superior oral health begins at home. A periodontist advises patients of all ages to brush twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and floss each night before bed. Regular teeth cleanings and dental exams are also essential.

Frequent Risk Assessment

Some people are more likely than others to get periodontal disease, and knowing your risk can help you achieve healthy teeth and gums. For example, individuals who suffer from diabetes are more likely to have gum disease. When diabetic symptoms worsen, gum disease often worsens, as well. Age, smoking, and diet can also increase your risk. If you are at a higher risk, make sure to tell your periodontist about your medical history and habits.

Regular Periodontal Visits

Finally, visiting a periodontist regularly can save your teeth and gums. If gum disease is detected in its early stages, its painful and damaging side effects can still be reversed. A periodontist can detect gum disease during routine dental exams and prescribe non-invasive treatments.

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