Is Laser Dentistry the Answer for Your Dental Phobia?

If going to the dentist makes you anxious, you are not alone. Fortunately, your dentist has a strategy that can help you approach dental care with more confidence: laser dentistry. Laser dentistry has dramatically changed the way that dentists perform a wide range of treatments, and as a result, more and more people who suffer from dental phobias are finding their ways back to the chair for treatment. Could laser dentistry be the solution for your anxiety about seeing the dentist? Here are some of the advantages of laser dentistry that make getting care easier than ever.

Treatments Without the Drill

Laser dentistry makes it possible for you to get treatments, such as fillings, without the use of a drill. Many people who are anxious about dental care dread the sound, vibration, and smell of the dental drill, but with the help of lasers, it can be replaced completely. In some cases, laser dentistry treatments can be performed without any anesthesia at all, which means patients also avoid the injection of local anesthesia that many dislike. Even when anesthesia is necessary, it is usually possible to use much less during laser treatments, which means fewer shots and a faster recovery.

Faster Treatment Times

Laser dentistry allows for more precise treatments, which means procedures can be completed much faster. Treatment times are also reduced because little to no anesthesia is required. Patients who experience dental phobia usually appreciate the ability to have shorter appointments with faster treatment times.

Easer Post-Treatment Recovery

Because the dental laser reduces the need for drilling, there is far less bleeding and swelling during and after treatment. For most people, this means that there is much less tenderness and bleeding after treatment, allowing you to return to your usual activities faster.

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