Why Oral Piercings Aren’t a Smart Idea

Dentists generally advise against getting oral piercings for a number of reasons. Any time skin or tissues are penetrated there is a possibility of infection. Since the mouth is teeming with millions of bacteria, an injury in the mouth is highly prone to getting infected. Oral piercings are essentially intentional injuries. If an infection isn’t detected and treated right away, it’s possible for the bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which may result in a life-threatening complication. 

Oral piercings can also be harmful for your teeth and gums. Biting on the piercing can lead to sensitive, chipped, or cracked teeth. It may also inadvertently lead to gum tissue injuries. Additionally, the act of piercing the tongue can result in nerve damage, which may become permanent. Permanent nerve damage can affect your sense of taste and your ability to move your mouth properly.  

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