How WaterLase Is Making Dental Care More Comfortable

The WaterLase laser dentistry system is a gentle alternative to traditional dental drills. It utilizes a combination of laser technology and a gentle water spray to perform a variety of dental procedures. If you need to visit a dentist for a dental exam, but suffer from dental fear and anxiety, find a dentist who can use WaterLase laser dentistry to offer you these great benefits.

Pain-Free Dentist Visits Cosmetic Dentist Hazlet

The WaterLase system is so gentle that your laser dentist may not even need to use a local anesthetic during your dentist visit. This eliminates the need for scary and painful dental injections before a procedure and allows your dentist to perform routine procedures without using a drill. WaterLase combines air, water, and laser energy to cut through teeth. The laser sprays water onto your tooth and tissues continuously, keeping them hydrated and ensuring a pain-free dentist visit.

More Convenient Dental Care

Using the WaterLase dental laser, your dentist can perform multiple dental care procedures in just one visit. This saves you time and money, and also cuts down on the dental anxiety that can occur when you anticipate multiple lengthy visits to your dentist. WaterLase dentists are also able to perform a variety of dental, so you won’t need to visit a costly specialist for your dental care.

Safer Dental Procedures

The laser technology that’s used in the WaterLase dental system is incredibly safe and precise. While traditional dental drills require your dentist to remove large portions of your teeth during a dental procedure, the WaterLase tool removes only very small, precise pieces. It also eliminates the risk of suffering from a cracked or damaged tooth.

If you’re looking for a laser dentist serving Hazlet that offers safe, comfortable, and pain-free WaterLase laser dentistry procedures, come see us at Glenwood Premier Dental. Our dentists have extensive training and experience with the WaterLase dental system, and can use it to perform a variety of procedures. To schedule an appointment with one of our WaterLase dentists, call us today at (732) 264-4477.